Assistant Professor

DARK, Niels Bohr Institutet

Københavns Universitet


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1. "INTERFEROME: The database of IFN regulated genes"
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Detailed CV can be found here


2020 -- :          Senior Lecturer/ASTRO-3D fellow
                         School of Physics
                         University of Melbourne

2019 -- :          Assistant Adjunt Professor
                         Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
                         University of California, Santa Cruz

2018 -- 2020: Assistant Professor
                         DARK Cosmology Center/Niels Bohr Institute
                         Københavns Universitet

2015 -- 2018: CCAPP Postdoctoral Fellow
                         The Center for Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology
                         The Ohio State University


2012 -- 2015: Ph.D., Physics and Astronomy, Monash University

2011 -- 2012: M.Sc., Physics, University of Waterloo and the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

2007 -- 2010: B.Sc (Hons)., Physics and Mathematics, Monash University


I am currently an Assistant Professor at DARK which is apart of the University of Copenhagen. Before this, I was a CCAPP Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ohio State University.

My research focuses on understanding the physical processes and observational signatures related to the extreme death of stars, and how these processes influence, and are influenced by their surrounding environment. In particular, I use spaced- and ground- based instruments to study tidal disruption events, black holes, supernovae, and their diffuse and compact objects.

I earned my Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy from Monash University in 2015 studying the high energy emission from supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae. During my Ph.D. I was a Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Predoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. I received my Masters of Science from University of Waterloo in 2012, where I was also a Perimeter Scholars International student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. I received a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics from Monash University in 2010.

I am from Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺



Email: katie[dot]auchettl[at]nbi[dot]ku[dot]dk

Twitter: @ka_am_au

Address: DARK/NBI, University of Copenhagen, Lyngbyvej 2, Copenhagen Ø, Denmark